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dentist open on saturdayIt's often difficult to find a dentist working on the weekend. Even in the large cities like, New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, it can be hard to find a dentist in his or her office.

The Monday through Friday working person

You put in your forty, fifty or sixty hours during the week. By the end of a workday you're too tired and too stressed to have someone poking around in your mouth. You put it off until the weekend only to find there's no one available to see you. What do you do? You can't take time away from the work. The boss will frown on it and your paycheck won't like it either.

The One who has massive pain and can't wait until Monday

You started to feel a dull ache in your mouth Friday afternoon. You took some aspirin and kept on working. It's now three in the morning on Saturday and you're mouth and jaw are screaming in pain. You can't wait until Monday to see a dentist. You not sure you'll make it until the sun comes up.

The accident which broke a tooth

You're a health conscious person. It's Sunday morning and you went jogging or for a bike ride and then there was, that small boulder which jumped out in front of you. You went tumbling face first. Once you recovered and composed yourself, you sat up and something didn't feel right. You looked down and there it was, the majority of your front tooth is lying in the road. It's supposed to be in your mouth. You're giving a presentation at nine tomorrow morning. You have to get this fixed today.No need to worry. We've got you covered. There's no longer a need to take time off from work or lose your weekend because you're in severe pain or look like you got into a fist fight. We'll fix it on the weekend and give you back that weekend that you worked so hard for.